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3G Phoebus (MB6000)

Highly Integrated 3G/Wi-Fi Router Solution

TOP Global 3G Phoebus is a patented, mobile/portable wireless router. 3G Phoebus is the world's first and the most integrated WLAN and 3G/4G solution for Home, Small Office and Home Office (SOHO). The products are simple to use and can easily setup.

3G Phoebus is a 3G/4G router for the consumer market based on our MobileBridgeplatform technology. It combines the best of Wi-Fi and 3G/4G mobile communications technologies including CDMA 1x, EV-DO, EDGE, UMTS? EV-DO Release A and HSDPA.

3G Phoebus can easily connect to high-speed cellular data networks, with no additional requirements for software, drivers and interfaces. Several laptops and computers can also simultaneously share a single cellular data connection for Internet access.

  1.Insert Cellular PCMCIA Cards to MB6000  

3G Phoebus supports most cellular PCMCIA cards in the market, you do not need care about different card drivers from different vendors.
You just need to insert your PCMCIA card to 3G Phoebus and Power on.
We do all left connection works for you.

  2.All your computers and laptops can access to wireless Internet  

Power on 3G Phoebus, and your PDAs, Wi-Fi Phones and laptops can connect to it via Ethernet line or Wi-Fi. Then you can surf in Internet.
3G Phoebus can support multiple users access to Internet simultaneously. All PDAs, Wi-Fi Phones and laptops share one cellular network link, and you only need to pay one cellular account.
3G Phoebus can be moved to any place you like, e.g. outdoors, car, RV, boat even in train. Anywhere you like, and it can work just with power supply. So bring your 3G Phoebus, and enjoy mobile Internet service anywhere you like.

Supported PCMCIA Card List:
By Carrier


  1. Kyocera KPC 650 (CDMA/EVDO)


  1. Option Wireless GlobeTrotter GT MAX (HSDPA)
  2. Sierra AC875 (HSDPA)
  3. Sierra AC881 (HSUPA/HSDPA/EDGE)


  1. Novatel S620 (CDMA/EVDO)
  2. Novatel S720 (EVDO Rev.A)
  3. Pantech PX-500 (EVDO Rev.A)
  4. Sierra AC580 (CDMA/EVDO)
  5. Sierra AC595 (EVDO Rev.A)
  6. UTStarcom PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A)


  1. Audiovox PC5220 (CDMA/EVDO)
  2. Kyocera KPC650 (CDMA/EVDO)
  3. Novatel V620 (EVDO Rev.A)
  4. Sierra AC580 (CDMA/EVDO)
  5. Sierra AC595 (EVDO Rev.A)
  6. UTStarcom PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A)

By Card Vendor


  1. E-mobile D01NE (HSDPA)


  1. Huawei EC360 (EVDO Rev.A)
  2. Huawei EC500 (CDMA/EVDO)
  3. Huawei EC321 (CDMA/EVDO)
  4. Huawei E220 (HSDPA) 
  5. Huawei E620 (HSDPA)
  6. Huawei E630 (HSDPA)
  7. Huawei E660A (HSDPA)


  1. Kyocera KPC 650 (CDMA/EVDO)


  1. Novatel V740 (EVDO Rev.A)
  2. Novatel V620 (EVDO Rev.A)
  3. Novatel S720 (EVDO Rev.A)
  4. Novatel S620 (CDMA/EVDO)
  5. Novatel Merlin C386 (CDMA/EVDO)
  6. Novatel Merlin C201 (CDMA/EVDO)
  7. Novatel Merlin U530 (GPRS/UMTS)
  8. Novatel Merlin U630 (GPRS/UMTS)
  9. Novatel U730 (HSDPA)
  10. Novatel U740 (HSDPA)


  1. ONDA H600 (HSDPA)
  2. ONDA N501HS (HSDPA)


  1. Option Globe Trotter GT Max "7.2 Ready" (HSDPA)
  2. Option Wireless GlobeTrotter GT MAX (HSDPA)
  3. Option Globe Trotter GT Max HSUPA (HSDPA)
  4. Option Globe Trotter HSDPA "7.2 Ready" (HSDPA)
  5. Option Globe Trotter HSDPA (HSDPA)
  6. Option Globe Trotter FUSION + HSDPA (HSDPA)
  7. Option Globe Trotter Express HSUPA (HSDPA)
  8. Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2 (HSDPA)
  9. Option Globe Trotter EDGE(EDGE)


  1. Pantech PX-500 (EVDO Rev.A)


  1. Sierra AC555 (CDMA/EVDO)
  2. Sierra AC580 (CDMA/EVDO)
  3. Sierra AC595 (EVDO Rev.A)
  4. Sierra PC5220 (CDMA/EVDO)
  5. Sierra AC750 (GPRS/UMTS)
  6. Sierra AC850 (GPRS/UMTS)
  7. Sierra AC860 (GPRS/UMTS)
  8. Sierra AC875 (HSDPA)
  9. Sierra AC881 (HSUPA/HSDPA/EDGE)


  1. C01SI (W-CDMA)


  1. SonyEricsson GC83 (EDGE)


  1. Utstarcom/Audiovox PC5220 (CDMA/EVDO)
  2. UTStarcom PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A)




  1. ZTE MC310 (CDMA/EVDO)

Relative Download:
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